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Maximizing Growth - Minimizing cost

Accelerate Growth & Profitability


Remote Marketing & Finance Talent

BrightSet bridges the gap between companies looking to grow and the best remote talent who can assist that growth

Maximizing Growth - Minimizing cost

Accelerate Growth & Profitability


Borderless Marketing & Finance Talent

BrightSet bridges the gap between companies looking to grow and the best remote talent who can assist that growth

Finance Recruitment and marketing recruitment hire within days
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BrightSet supports your marketing recruitment or finance recruitment goals.

Finance & Marketing Talent
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Experience rapid growth with BrightSet. We connect you to top-notch, vetted overseas marketing and finance talent, perfectly aligned to meet your business needs and goals.

BrigthSet helps businesses scale smarter,
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Access to top-tier global marketing and finance talent without geographical constraints.


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Shortened your marketing recruitment and finance recruitment time to days.



Reduced hiring costs through our cost-efficient remote overseas talent network.


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Marketing Recruitment and Finance Recruitment

Experience the peace of mind and efficiency of letting us navigate the hiring process.

With BrightSet, you reclaim your valuable time from conducting countless interviews and scanning through hundreds of CVs. No more dealing with missed appointments or unsuitable candidates.

Our promise? Candidates that meet your expectations and free your team so you can focus on what matters – driving your business forward.

The BrightSet Process

Step 1

► Describe the position to be filled.

► Specify role-related needs and requirements.

Step 2

► Comprehensive hiring process management.

► Screening of candidates.

► Matched to your needs.

Step 3

► View matched candidates.

► Make selection.

► Smooth onboarding and embedding.

Step 4

► Ongoing weekly support.

► Performance reviews.

► Collaborative feedback with your team.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers.

At BrightSet, we're dedicated to finding the right fit, not just matching the expertise required. Although all our freelancers are vetted and bring expert experience, we appreciate that every company requires a unique fit. If you're not entirely content with your freelancer, we're committed to replacing them with someone who aligns better with your company's needs.

As each clients has different data security and confidentiality policies.

Here are some security measures we can help with:

  1. Vetting: Rigorous background checks on all freelancers.
  2. NDAs: Mandatory Non-Disclosure Agreements for freelancers.
  3. Encryption: Use of encrypted platforms for communication and data sharing.
  4. Role-based Access: Limited access to essential data only.
  5. Training: Regular data security training for freelancers.
  6. Client-Specific Protocols: Adaptation to your unique security needs.
  7. Audits: Periodic checks to maintain security standards

Our vetting process is rigorous, encompassing interviews and  reference checks. The freelancer provided is experienced and reliable.

All hires have excellent English, have experience in working with English speaking companies, working remotely.

Any issues that might arise BrightSet works to mitigate them, quickly. and offer support for clear, effective communication.

All candidates are used to working within your time zone.

We are not a traditional agency for marketing recruitment or Finance recruitment? 
We do not charge one agency fees of 20+ %. We are a service provider. Acting as a conduit between overseas remote experienced talent. Our fees are included in the monthly service fee.

We help simplifying remote work. Ensuring your new hire can seamlessly connect to your network via your VPN or a secure virtual desktop. If you're unsure about the best setup, we're here to assist.

We handle all compliance requirements for our remote overseas candidates. Tax, payroll and working requirements.

Definitely. Our processes streamline the recruitment effort, eliminating the need for you going through 100's of cv's or conducting extensive interviews. Moreover, we manage the performance of our placed candidates, allowing you to focus on your business.

We are here to help support your marketing recruitment or Finance recruitment goals.

Our services are designed with flexibility in mind. As your business scales, we can rapidly match additional talent to your evolving needs.

Absolutely. BrightSet's vetting process and continuous performance support helps to ensure the quality and retention of your remote finance and marketing team.

Yes. There is a minimum of 3 months and then a rolling monthly service contract moving forward.

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BrightSet bridges the gap between companies looking to grow and the right people who can assist that growth

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